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Private collection scooters, mopeds and bikes

It all started with a Yamaha DT50mx, my first moped when I was 16 years old, i still have it (1981). This is a memorable one :-))).

With my first bike (Honda CBX 550 F2) i had a lot of fun, but also a lot of technical trouble due to my driving style, so this was my first, and last, 4 stroke bike. After that i only bought 2-stroke bikes. (I still have the CBX 550).

After the CBX i bought my first Yamaha RD (the RD 250 LC), later followed by the RD 500 LC and the RD 350 LCF.

This is how my collection mopeds and Yamaha RD bikes started.............

Yamaha DT50MX

My first moped,
Yamaha DT 50 MX
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Yamaha RD50M

Yamaha RD 50 M
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Yamaha FS1 2RU

Yamaha FS1 - 2RU
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Puch MV50

Puch MV 50
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Honda CBX 550 F2

Honda CBX 550 F2
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Yamaha RD 250

Yamaha RD 250
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Yamaha RD 350

Yamaha RD 350
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