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FAQ, Frequesntly asked question

On this page you can find answers to frequestly asked questions, if you can not find the answer to your question here, send us your question by email.

General questions

Can't I just call and give the creditcard details by phone ?

Sorry, no , we need your written autorisation, and signature.
The creditcard company is very strickt .

The name of the person who placed the order,
must be the same person as the name on the creditcard.

Creditcard payment: Why can't I pay via online? whats this fax business


Online is not possible.
When you place an order we first have to mail you if we have the parts in stock ( or how long it would take)
So there is a bit of time between placing the order and paying.
And that makes it impossible to pay online, that kind of payment is linkt to the (time) placing of the order ( the same moment)

We can accept Visa and Mastercard.
The creditcard company is very strickt, and we need written autorisation for every time we use a creditcard.
( with the order number on it, and your signature)
This is to prefent fraud.

We don't keep a record of the creditcard numbers / fax form.
After use, we cut it in to bits.
So when you place a second order you have to fax the form again.

I can imagine that you fint it difficult to trust a internet shop on the other side of the world :-)
And I can write that we are a good and honest shop....
But it is better to talk to our customers...
Please ask for us at this is one of the largest moped forum's in the USA, and we have a lot of satisfied customers there.

Do you use my e-mail adress to sent me adverticements / spam ?

NO, we will never sent you unasked mail.
We know by experince how irritating spam is.

We only sent you mail when you ask a question,
or if we have a question / remark about an order.

We will never sent you any kind of unasked mail,
or give your e-mail adress to an other person / company.

It has happend that our name/ e-mail adress is abused to sent unasked mail.
( example: we got a mail with a viruss from you, you need to install this patch application )

how much are the shipping cost's to my country ?

I advice you to make an order on the site, than you can see the options available, and decide to send the order or delete it.

How much does this part cost in $ or £, or yen, ect ? :-)

Please look at this site, here you can convert to other currency's.

I can't get a login, I get the message: e-mail adress is not good. What is wrong?

The inlog computer on the site check's your e-mail adress.
When it is not working, this can be the problem.

* your e-mail account is full ( hotmail, msn,... )
* your e-mail host has a failure ( not working, for a moment)
* you need to have Java script on at your computer.

Please check this list and try again.

If a part is "not available", is it than possible to order it for me ?

Sorry, not available is REALY NOT AVAILABLE anymore.
That means that the parts is out of production.

Is it possible to return a part?

Sorry, not possible for electronical parts.

After mailing us about it, other parts , no problem.
( it can be sent back till 2 months after shipment)

* not used
* not damaged
* in the original packing
* incl our invoice ( or a copy)

Print this form fill it in, and together with the invoice put it in the parcel.

If you would like the part to be refunded,
we need your account number, and the IBAN and SWIFT-code of your bank.
and te name and city of your bank.

Sent the part to the folowing adress:

Esperydsvägen 106
29038 Villands Vånga

Shipping cost's must be payed by you.

We will mail you when the parcel arives.

Tecnical questions

What is / does a powerbox ?

A power box will give NO extra topspeed.
It will give a slightly better acceleration.
And it will give a quicker / better responce to the trottle.

The power box is mounthed on the intake manifold.

For performance is does not matter which power box you choose.
It depends on the space you have to fitt the powerbox, and which brand you like :-))

What is the best way of running in a new cylinder ?

* Putt some extra synthetic oil in the fueltank.
* Take it easy till te engine is warmed up.
- than accelerate quickly.
- and no long runs full trottle.
* and during the break in period , no extra pasenger.

All this for 1 full tank of fuel.

Which size of mainjet do I need ?

Take a new sparkplug, and make a testdrive,
than look at the colour of the sparkplug:

Black = smaller mainjet
white / gray = bigger maimjet
Brown = the right colour ( coffee with milk brown ) :-)